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GoldCaps CBD: The Whole Story

When it comes to CBD in oral dosage, it’s what you don’t see that counts. GoldCaps CBD softgels are so crystal clear you can see there is no off-color raw extract with unknown plant or other compounds. GoldCaps™ CBD softgels contain only ultra-pure CBD crystalized from natural hemp plant extract and grape seed oil. And nothing else.

What you do get is an exact amount of ultra-pure CBD. GoldCaps CBD contains no THC, and is non-psychoactive.

Just as important, GoldCaps provide clinically precise, metered dosages thanks to analytical-laboratory testing and professional softgel manufacturing equipment. So you can count on the same effect from every GoldCap softgel every time.

CBD and THC: The Differences

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, also a cannabinoid. Many people mistakenly believe that all CBD products are derived from marijuana plants. This is not true, and here is a little background information.

In recent years, growers have developed new marijuana strains that are very high in CBD and low in THC. However, these strains do contain some amount of THC, and that is a problem for many patients. The U.S. federal government has set a 0.3% limit on the amount of THC that can be present in any legal product. Any product exceeding the 0.3% THC limit is considered a Schedule 1 drug and illegal under federal law.

Whereas CBD is completely non-psychoactive, THC is highly psychoactive. In other words, THC makes people "high" or "stoned." It can interfere with cognitive abilities, cause mental confusion as well as problems with memory loss, driving, operating machinery and so on. Consequently, many patients do not want the psychoactive effects of THC. But there is an alternative: CBD-only products made from industrial hemp plants contain either zero THC or less than the 0.3% legal limit. In other words, you can take advantage of the beneficial effects of CBD without the downside of THC. While marijuana and hemp are closely related, there is an important difference. Hemp plant strains are bred for their fiber and nutritional oil content whereas marijuana strains historically were bred for their THC content.

Dependability and Repeatability

What worries patients about edibles is: What is in them? How do you really know what dose you are getting? We claim that TetraLabs GoldCap dosages are precise, dependable and repeatable. No matter where and when you buy them, they will be the same every time. How did we solve this problem? We employed three tried-and-true pharmaceutical-industry techniques.

First, we built an analytical lab and installed an HPLC machine that accurately measures cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Then, we developed a formulation method that accurately mixes exact amount of CBD along with grape seed oil. Finally, we acquired softgel-manufacturing equipment that precisely injects a measured quantity of the mix into each capsule. In other words, we dialed it in with high precision.

Active-Ingredient Purity

GoldCaps™ CBD softgels contain only ultra-pure natural CBD and grape seed oil—no molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants.

GoldCaps CBD softgels are crystal clear, colorless, and contain no particulates—three visual signs of purity. The active CBD ingredient is crystalized from natural hemp plant extract. We do not use so-called "CBD-rich hemp oil" that is widely advertised. This oil is relatively low in CBD, and very dark in color which means that it contain compounds other than CBD.

No matter how carefully grown, plants can contain pathogens. But, our multi-step process removes pathogens such as bacteria and mold spores. Our CBD is derived from natural hemp plant extract and highly refined, with a unique method: crystallization. CBD can be crystalized, whereas THC cannot. In the case of CBD, the hemp plant extract is diluted and crystallized a number of times until only ultra-pure crystals of pure mono-crystalline CBD settle to the bottom. Everything else is discarded.

Other Ingredients

The GoldCap formula consists only of crystalline CBD, along with food-grade grape see oil. These are carefully measured and thoroughly mixed. The only other ingredient is the capsule's gelatin, which is mixed from Kosher Beef Bone gelatin, food-grade glycerin and distilled water.

Available Dosages

Dosage is 10mg CBD per capsule with a choice of 10, 30 and 60 softgels per bottle.

Medical Form Factor

TetraLabs products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who want a natural alternative but also want a customary medical form factor. For oral dosage, softgels are an ideal choice because you can see what is in them as compared with edibles, which can contain numerous mysterious ingredients.

Shelf Life

Not only are they safe, but GoldCaps also have a long shelf life. When refrigerated in the dark, you can keep them for a year with little change in potency.