GoldMist CBD Oral Spray
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GoldMist CBD Oral Spray
The Whole Story

GoldMist™ CBD offers significant advantages over other methods of administering Cannabidiol (CBD). The micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. The dose is always 1.25mg of CBD.

CBD is completely non-psychoactive. There is no THC in TetraLabs CBD-only products. It will not make you high. Patients take CBD for a wide variety of reasons due to its potential medical benefits, but unlike THC it has zero psychoactive effects.

Absorption is via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream, which is fast and dependable. The oral spray is not processed by the digestive system and liver into a metabolite as occurs with orally ingested cannabinoids in edibles.

GoldMist CBD Packaging

Dependability and Repeatability

Patients report that the precision-dose atomizer makes it easy to administer the correct level of medication. One push of the atomizer pump sprays an exact dose of 1.25mg CBD every time. If you want 5mg CBD; that's four sprays, 10mg CBD is eight sprays and so on.

Storage, Shelf Life and Discoloration

STORAGE. Light, heat and oxygen degrade the product over time. So, store all TetraLabs products in a cool dark place. It is best to refrigerate them in a dark container.

DISCOLORATION. CBD is a natural product and may discolor slightly over time, as is the case many natural products. It may take on a slight pink, yellow or brown hue. Slight discoloration is common and has no noticeable effect of product potency. Discoloration is greatly increased with exposure to UV light. Heat and oxygen may increase the effect. So, don't leave the product under a fluorescent light or in the sunlight. But even if you do, the product is still OK, and will work just as well as a new one.

SHELF LIFE AND POTENCY. If you store TetraLabs products as described, there will be no noticeable change in potency for six months to a year, or even longer. To maximize longevity, refrigerate the products in a lightproof container. If you can, store only full, unused products because a partially empty product will admit oxygen that is highly reactive.

Active-Ingredient Purity

Most CBD available today is found in the form of "CBD-rich Hemp Oil" which is a relatively unrefined extract of hemp plants. This oil is typically thick and dark. It is usually found in dropper bottles, but may be found in other forms such as capsules. It contains a variable percentage of CBD, along with other compounds and chemicals. The percentages of CBD vary widely. In some cases, sellers have made false claims about the CBD content, and some have received warning letters from the FDA.

TetraLabs CBD, however, is far different because it is refined to almost 100% purity into a pure crystalline powder. The extracted oil is highly filtered to remove any residual plant matter. Then, the extract is heated and diluted so that the CBD goes into solution. When chilled to a very low temperature, crystals of CBD form and fall to the bottom. The remaining liquid is discarded and the process repeated. After a number of repetitions, the result is white mono-crystals that contain virtually no impurities. It is so pure that it can be hard to test accurately because it rivals the purity of the laboratory standards against which it is tested.

The level of purity of TetraLabs CBD products is visually obvious when compared to other products. TetraLabs GoldMist CBD Oral Spray, GoldCaps CBD softgel capsules and GoldCart CBD vaporizer cartridges are crystal clear and light in color. By comparison, other products are dark and sometimes contain particulates. And, sometimes they even separate into layers, which require shaking to mix them. Ask yourself this question: If the product contains only a few percent CBD, what else is in it that that makes it so thick and dark?

By comparison, GoldMist CBD Oral Spray contains only ultra-pure natural Cannabidiol in grain alcohol with natural flavoring oils. You will not find molds, pesticides or extraction solvents. GoldMist is crystal clear, colorless as water and has no particulates—three definitive visual signs of purity. And, no matter how carefully grown, plants contain pathogens. But, pathogens, such as bacteria, cannot exist in the alcohol.

There is controversy about whether the other compounds found in raw extract are beneficial or not. Some say that the combination of all the natural compounds is superior. Others claim that it is only the CBD itself that is the desired medicine. We have found no conclusive research on this subject, so it is up to you to determine what is best.

Other Ingredients

The GoldMist formula consists only of Cannabidiol in a solution of 190-proof grain alcohol along with peppermint, wintergreen and cinnamon natural flavoring oils plus a slight amount of sweetener.


GoldMist CBD is available in a 3.5ml glass atomizer that dispenses 80 precise sprays each containing 1.25mg of CBD. There is a total of 100mg of CBD in each GoldMist CBD atomizer vial. Because this is not an FDA-approved prescription drug, Federal law prohibits us from stating that it is effective for any specific illness, and nor can we prescribe dosages, as a medical doctor would. So, it is up to you to determine the right dosage. But once you do determine your appropriate dosage, you'll find it easily repeatable due to the consistency of GoldMist CBD and the accuracy of the atomizer pump.

Packaging and Form Factor

GoldMist is packaged in a high-quality borosilicate glass vial along with a mini atomizer pump, and cap that covers the the nozzle to keep it clean. The cosmetic-quality packaging is not only attractive but also small and convenient so you can medicate anywhere.