TetraLabs California

Which TetraLabs product is right for me?

CBD with two ways to medicate.

Choose from two ways to medicate: swallow a softgel capsule or use an oral spray. Pick an onset time: slower or faster. Decide on duration: longer or shorter.

GoldCaps™ Softgels

Taken orally, GoldCaps are safe, dependable and repeatable, unlike many edibles. Onset takes 45 minutes or so; beneficial effects last 6-12 hours. Same effect every time.

GoldCaps CBD
The dosage is 10mg CBD with no THC. Available in 30 or 60 capsules per bottle.

GoldMist™ Oral Spray

Micro-atomizer dispenses precise, repeatable dosages. 3.5ml vial with 80 sprays. Unlike edibles, GoldMist is absorbed via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Onset within 15 minutes; lasts 1-2 hours.

GoldMist CBD
CBD with no THC. Vial contains 100mg CBD with 1.25mg CBD per spray. Oral spray is a quick, easy way to absorb CBD.

All TetraLabs products offer adjustable, dependable and repeatable dosages. We design products with low abuse potential and a pharmaceutical form factor. TetraLabs products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who want a natural alternative, but also want a customary medical form factor.